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How we achieve a higher price

  1. Marketing
    I have robust and detailed marketing plans. It’s strange, we find that most Estate Agents think that advertising is marketing, however as most of us know, it’s just one small part.  We have a comprehensive plan with systems in place that promote your property.
  2. Trained and skilled Negotiators
    I have advanced negotiation skills
    .  Unlike many other agents, I continually train in the art of negotiation. My team members actively participate in training and development, which means our entire team not only know the art of negotiation, but they’re also aware of what’s happening in the market. Armed with this knowledge and skill, I can sit down with you and discuss what strategies are best for your situation.  Great negotiation skills, comprehensive marketing strategy and market knowledge are vital in order to ensure you get the highest possible price. A great negotiator can easily mean an extra 10% on your selling price – and this obviously equates to many thousands of dollars in your pocket. Be very careful when employing a real estate agent – most are extremely poor negotiators.
  3. Do Not RISK a great BUYER in front of a Poor Negotiator.

  4. Available 7 days
    I am available 7 days a week, which means I am also available when families are together. 
    It may seem obvious, but you need an agent who is available to sellers and who is available to buyers at a time to suit both. Weekends and evenings are especially important. The best agents offer a 7 day service. Please…NEVER settle for a part-time agent – they will always give part-time service.
  5. I have a large BUYERS DATABASE
    Most agents get dozens of enquiries from buyers each month and when agents do the smart thing and keep a record of genuine buyers, there’s much less need for advertising. Unfortunately however, many agents don’t keep a database of buyers. Absolutely insist on an agent who keeps detailed and accurate records of genuine buyers. I do – and I can show you. Here’s an important point – don’t fall into the trap of judging agents by their glossy advertisements – judge them on how many buyers they’ve retained from past advertising and on whether each buyer is given individual attention.
  6. Keep Your Property Exclusively with 1 Agent.
    Many Estate agents have poor reputations, simply because they consistently use the same methods over and over again – methods that have been proven to seriously hurt families. This is the key reason I do things differently. My clients and their families are our Number One priority.  We understand that you want an agent with whom you have absolute faith and trust, thereby achieving the best possible price for your property – without any residual feelings of ‘Could I have gotten more?’  I earn your faith and trust by sitting down and showing you how to achieve a better price.

  7. A Sign Board Attracts Buyers.
    A sign is your 24 hour salesperson and is often your best salesperson. When people want to live in your area, they’ll drive around and look for properties for sale in your area. They also visit active and open Estate Agents. Your buyer could be on their way from Sydney, Melbourne, England or even South Africa! I don’t know where your buyers are coming from, but I certainly know where they’re coming to. They’re coming to where they want to live or invest – which means they’ll be coming to me first and then we’ll be bringing them to you.
  8. I will always Tell The Truth.
    I will never lie to a seller, a buyer, or indeed anyone.  I will not tell you a higher than market price to secure your business and then proceed to ‘condition’ you down in price. This is the oldest trick in the book and many estate agents use this unscrupulous method to get you, the seller, signed up on a contract. I will always tell you the truth about the asking price for your property.
  9. I Offer Great Support.
    I have a team of dedicated staff who are 100% committed to making your experience with me the absolute best it can be. We’re committed to customer service throughout the whole process of selling – even after exchange of contracts – this is where most estate agencies leave you to go it alone. Having our support staff in place, allow our agents to do exactly what they’re good at – list and sell your property.
  10. Things You Should Know.
    As a seller, before you put your property on the market, there are quite a few things to consider. It pays to be well informed, to know what you want and to have a clear plan.

You will then save a lot of unnecessary heartache and stress.


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I will then keep you informed every step of the way.

  How to sell your property for a premium price

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